Honeymoons in Miami and the Florida Keys on Your Own Yacht

Honeymoon or Luna de Miel is probably the most special vacation you will ever take. Let the specialists at Boat Miami help you. We are a one stop shop for yacht weddings and yacht honeymoons in South Florida.

Recently we have been getting requests for honeymoons that can start right after the yacht wedding. The bride and groom seem to like the idea of staying with the boat theme. And who can blame them? How romantic to sail off into the sunset together. Well in reality, the couple actually prefer to stay dockside and leave the following morning but you get the picture.

We do have a few party boats that can offer a honeymoon but to be honest, the best way to do this is to book one of our Power Yachts or Sports yachts with a crew that are trained in pampering guests. And you will certainly be pampered. But more than knowing how to treat you like Royalty, the yachts that we use for Honeymoons have crew that know how to be discreet ensuring you maximum privacy and alone time.

These yachts have beautiful guest cabins with en-suite bathroom facilities complete with Luxury bed linens; luxury products in the bathroom; lots of space and privacy. We also have yachts with Jacuzzi on the deck.

There is something very romantic about being on a yacht and floating along on the turquoise and clear waters of Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys. The truth is that the water in the Keys rivals the beauty of the Bahamas in color and clarity. I have sailed both so I can speak with honesty. Traveling on the intra coastal or the inside waterway is so beautiful and sheltered from the elements. This is known as being inside the reef. The barrier reef keeps these waters calm.

As in all things, cost will vary depending on the type of yacht or boat you choose. The one feature that all these yachts have in common for a Honeymoon is that the cost is all inclusive with no hidden costs.

What else do they offer?

  • Different scenery and location on any given day
  • All meals prepared to your preferences
  • All snacks per your request
  • Fully stocked ships bar with your drink preferencies
  • Itinerary planned with you
  • Luxurious surroundings
  • Peace and tranquility after a hectic wedding schedule
  • Un-intrusive crew
  • Private Chef in the Galley

Power Boats/Mega Yachts can go faster and will get you to your destinations quicker. These yachts will also have more of the luxurious components that you may be looking for. Spacious guest cabins and fabulous bathrooms. Lots of covered and open air deck space. This option will allow you to travel from Miami as far as Key West for a weeklong Honeymoon. These yachts are best if you want to stop off at full service marinas along the way. The larger yachts will travel on ocean between locations as the intra coastal is very shallow in parts. You also have the no wake zones to consider. This is an area where there may be Manatees and where the speed has to be slow enough not to disturb the water.

Catamarans are another wonderful option if you enjoy the slow movement to enjoy the scenery. All catamarans that we recommend will also have engines so that you can motor where needed. These yachts also have spacious cabins and lots of space for sun bathing and enjoying the scenery. Typically you would sail on Biscayne Bay and as far South as Islamorada. These are very wide and spacious yachts that offer great stability and allow you to get further to the shore when anchoring.

Power Catamarans for when you want the stability of the double hull and the speed of a power boat. We have a very luxurious model in the Miami fleet.

Monohulls are for the more serious sailors among us. Some will have large cabins. There is not as much deck space as a catamaran and it is not as luxurious. Not as stable as a catamaran. These are the most cost effective way to have a sailing honeymoon.

“CHIP” an 84’ Lazarra with Jacuzzi
“LEGEND AND SOUL” 62’ Power Catamaran

Having your Honeymoon on a yacht in Miami or The Florida Keys is affordable and attainable, and we would love to organize this for you.

We live work and play in South Florida and know all the boats that we recommend.

We offer honeymoons on yachts in Miami; Florida Keys; Bahamas and Caribbean. And we have visited all the locations we offer and we know the boats and crews. We will make sure your crew are compatible with your own personalities.

We are looking forward to booking many more Honeymoons

Gail, Bianca and Hazel

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