The Ultimate Yacht Wedding Guide

Everything you need to know about planning your wedding on a yacht and more!


So, you have just got engaged and now are into planning your “Big Day”. You have both decided on the romantic WEDDING ON A YACHT. For us this is easy, but for you it is full of questions that need answers. That is what we are here for. Please look through our guide below and you too will be an expert on planning a yacht wedding. Between you and Boat Miami your wedding will be perfect!

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always more spectacular from the water. Nothing can give your event that absolute WOW factor, then putting your friends and family on a smart yacht, with dinner and cocktails on hand, to cruise the beautiful protected waters around these two cities.

There is a huge selection of locally based party yachts of all shapes and sizes, with both modern and classical designs to choose from and priced according to your budget.

The beauty of chartering a yacht for your S. Florida event is that we’ll handle everything for you: setting up appointments so that you can choose the perfect boat, write the contracts, make the booking, help you to choose the menus, arrange for on-board music (DJ or bands), additional entertainment if you need it, as well as optional extras to make your event absolutely perfect for any occasion.

If possible, try to book your party yacht in Miami or Fort Lauderdale 6 months to a year in advance. If you are planning your wedding around any Holiday Date, you may want to consider booking even sooner. Some of the most popular dates for weddings are May, June, and December. But other busy days to consider would be Easter, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekend.

For most people they think the larger the yacht the better. Not always true. It is all in the layout of the yacht. Size matters but the distribution of the space matters more. It is really a good idea to work with a professional charter yacht salesperson like all of us in Boat Miami/American Yacht.

Here is what a good yacht charter professional/advisor will ask you before suggesting any yachts:

  1. How many guests are you expecting? This number can and does fluctuate and must be taken into consideration. We have to ensure that should you end up with everyone saying Yes and maybe even adding a few more, that there is enough space in the dining salon to add extra guests.
  2. Are you holding the ceremony on the yacht? We need to make sure that there is enough room to seat all your guests on ceremony chairs and that there is space for you to walk down the “aisle”
  3. You will see on many web sites the number of guests that can be accommodated is listed. However, these numbers are not always based on the comfort level of the guests but on the maximum number the Coast Guard has certified the yacht for. In some cases, this leads us to suggest a larger yacht than you might think you need but we are taking into consideration the space on all levels and how your guest flow will work.

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