Celebrate your Honeymoon in the BVI or Caribbean on a private luxury yacht or a lush Caribbean Island. Make your romantic and unique destination honeymoon incredibly special on an island venue or a charter yacht. There is always a package or a special deal available for your personalized honeymoon, call us.

How do I choose the right boat for my honeymoon?

Well first of all if you are new to the world of private yacht vacations then you may be thinking it is way out of your budget. In reality it is more than likely not! It can be less expensive than going to a resort and much more fun – way more fun for the two of you.

You need to choose a boat based on the most important factors for your honeymoon.

Do you like to sunbathe? Then a catamaran or a power yacht will be best for you.

Do you want to fit in as many different locations as possible? A powerboat is the answer.

Do you like the thought of slowly getting to your next destination and having time to enjoy the quiet time on the water during your honeymoon? Your catamaran is the answer.

Are you both avid sailors who love the sailing above all else? Monohull is best for you

Looking for space and luxury but not at an exorbitant cost – Catamaran

Looking for over the top luxury and service in lavish surroundings and your every need taken care of immediately by one of the many crew members? Powerboat

Looking for breakfast; lunch and dinner; your favorite bar drinks and wines; favorite snacks; private chef and captain who will let you relax on your ultimate honeymoon trip – Power or Catamaran

Overall, in my professional opinion, a Catamaran is the best way to sail the Caribbean waters in the BVI for your honeymoon. These yachts sit well on a mooring ball or at anchor; they offer lots of outdoor space; they can get in close to the shore so that you can swim to land if you want to; easy access into the water from the swim platforms; mostly large air conditioned cabins with luxury linens. All the modern luxuries you would expect are on a power boat.

Catamarans are also very quiet once the engine is off. All you hear is the gently lapping of the water on the hull as you glide through the clear aqua waters. Heaven! These yachts all carry an assortment of water toy like paddle boards; kayaks; swim tubes and noodles; floating mats etc

Now having said that we have many clients/guests who really prefer a power boat. Either because they like to get from A to B fast or because they feel safer with engines on all the time. Powerboats cannot get in as close to the shore so you will need to be taken by dinghy to the beaches.

On the smaller power boats you will be able to hear the engines at all times when underway. On the large mega yachts you will be further away from the engine rooms so the noise will be greatly diminished. If you want to jump in hot water with your honey a great feature on some power yachts, and I mean the mega yacht type here, is having a Jacuzzi.

And on some of the mega yachts that cruise these waters, there will be jet skis and kayaks and many other water toys. The smaller powerboats will carry the same water toy as the catamarans. Each yacht will have a list of toys on-board, these can be great fun when celebrating your once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Amazing Elements To Build Beauty

Some of the Yachts that we feature offer Honeymoon Specials, and may include one or more of the following:

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