We are so proud to be able to offer fully catered yacht weddings to gay couples.

Not too long ago a same-sex wedding was in a niche market but now we are ecstatic to be able to accommodate all LGBT wedding requests. Recently many gay and lesbian couples have realized that what they want in a wedding matches what heterosexual couples might want- a beautiful venue, nice flowers, tasteful food, and wanting their families involved.

Same-sex couples don’t want to seek someone out who just serves gay clients, most often these planners haven’t planned many gay weddings and they do not know how to really react.

We want to help you create the wedding of your dreams on the water!

Now most wedding websites offer products and services including gay and straight couples and this is especially true on the boats. A boat or a yacht wedding is perfect for same sex couples and has been the “norm” for quite some time.

Take a look at what we offer you and your loved ones.

Boat Miami is a company that helps many couples plan their weddings, and at the same time, we have helped many same-sex couples to plan their weddings. There is nothing different about planning same-sex weddings besides the fact that you have two brides or two grooms.

At Boat Miami we have always found it to be a real pleasure to assist same sex couples have their “day in the sun”. Our clients all have similar wants when it comes to their wedding day, and we want to make it easy and stress free for you.

When it comes down to choosing your venue make it easy by choosing one of our boats, we can accommodate almost anything you want for your wedding day. We are a family company and are willing to do what it takes to make everyone’s wedding day enjoyable and the best it can be.

There are many resources out there for gay couples offering useful information on all aspects of organizing a wedding. Many great websites are available such as Carats & Cake; Yelp type of directory for gay couples; Loveincmag.com is another one that posts wedding photos from both straight and gay weddings – after all it is a wedding! We are finding that some of the sites that only catered to gay couples are now becoming obsolete due to competition from wedding sites that offer help and advice for all weddings.

Wedding planners need to be not just great but excellent and able to meet the standards of any sex wedding.

At Boat Miami we are striving to be just that. We love weddings and have no preference if it is straight or gay – it’s just a WEDDING. We will customize and adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

If our clients want a cake with two grooms on top or two brides on top then that is what we will find for them! We will assist and offer advice on any aspect of the planning, even some advice on the first dance when you may have two grooms who want to lead. Easy plan a dance that allows both of you to lead at different times!

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Boat Miami does not want to be a company that just plans weddings or events, we want to be the best company to plan your wedding or event. Please call us 305.758.2500.

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