When it comes to corporate dinner cruises Boat Miami knows the ins and outs of what would be best for your event. Why not give your employees or clients a change of scenery by hosting your event on a yacht on the Miami or Ft. Lauderdale waters. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale are two destinations for corporations to hold their events. Many corporations plan to have their meetings in the top destinations, and South Florida is your best bet for that sales meeting or incentive dinner on a yacht.

Boat Miami has boats to suit all budgets and we will work tirelessly to put together the best dinner cruise, sales meeting, and employee incentive or client appreciation events on one of the many boats we represent. We can accommodate groups as small as 12 people and up too 400+. We have also hosted groups of 1,500 on several different yachts, no matter the number we can make it happen. We also offer affordable boutique Corporate Destination Management services.

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Each yacht has their own permanent Captain and crew and all have a permanent Chef. Each yacht has their own menus and they can be designed to fit the type of event you wish to have whether you want buffet style, elegant sit down dining, food stations, or heavy hors d’oeuvres– all are great options for your event.

We will be happy to help you to customize a menu.

It is important to know that many boats now offer kosher catering from preferred local Kosher Catering Companies and all boats can offer kosher style menus.

In cases where most guests do not require kosher food but you have one or two guests who can only eat kosher then we will be happy to provide one or two kosher meals at the same cost as the regular menu.

It would be hard to find a boat that cannot work with any diet restrictions from kosher to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free to name a few. Oh and let’s not forget that we can also advise on Indian and Mediterranean diets.

When thinking about beverages, you can choose from a full open bar, beer & wine bar, non-alcoholic bar, and in some cases a cash bar. Most yachts can accommodate a cash bar either with tickets to purchase alcohol or by each guest paying cash at the bar. No checks and credit cards can be used for a cash bar. In a few cases boats will allow consumption charges.


The linens to be used can be the yachts standard linens or we can rent linens in your corporate colors. You can hang your own banners to welcome the guests to make them feel more comfortable or have your own corporate logo drink napkins sitting at the bar. Even floral arrangements on the tables can be customized to match your corporate identity.

We can provide entertainment whether it be a steel band to set a Caribbean mood, a DJ for dancing, a caricature artist to sketch your guests, or even a magician to incorporate your sales message into his magic. Whatever type of entertainment you need we can provide.

Yes, corporate events mean business but you can have business and pleasure while on a yacht, and provide a relaxing environment for meetings and events. Why not provide a memorable experience for your guests or employees?


Most yachts are equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment to make it easy to present awards to your employees or proposals to your clients – with wireless microphones – projection screens – superb sound systems to make your presentations run smoother.

You do not have to worry about providing your own equipment, it will all be provided for you and if the yacht does not have the right equipment we will be happy to rent this for you.


We can also make sure that your guests are picked up from their hotel and taken to the yacht and then after your event, taken back to the hotel.

Transportation can include a 49-Seats luxury limo bus with A/C and sometimes beverage service or a 12 seat mini bus. For those who want a more high end transportation method how about a Bentley or Rolls Royce? We have even provided a fleet of yellow cabs for one client because that was what was requested.


At Boat Miami we will be happy to put together a detailed proposal based on your requirements. If you have budget constraints knowing this up front will make our job easier. Not all boats in Miami or Fort Lauderdale are priced exactly the same.

We have boats in all price ranges. Many factors will influence the cost including Corporate Packages entertainment and food menus plus of course the type of bar you want to provide. An easy way to lower the cost for a corporate event is to have a 3 hour cruise and offer a beer and wine bar only.

Whatever your budget, if it is reasonable then we can work with you. If we feel your budget is a little low we will advise on what we can offer even if it is not exactly what you were thinking about. All roads lead to Rome as they say.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to have a themed event, buffet, formal dinner, open bar or non-alcoholic bar – we will guide you through every step to help make your corporate event stress free.

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Boat Miami knows the ins and outs of what would be best for your event. We believe in customer satisfaction and putting our clients’ needs foremost in our advice.

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