How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Miami On a Budget

Are you planning a bachelorette getaway in Miami for your best friend? It can be an overwhelming responsibility for a maid of honor or a group of bridesmaids. It’s a responsibility not to be taken lightly – you want to coordinate a fun time for all of your friends AND try to avoid breaking the bank. Miami is a fantastic destination for bachelorette parties, but it is a notoriously expensive city.

There are ways to plan your bachelorette bash on a budget, even in the city of Miami. 

Miami is a wonderful destination for a bachelorette party because of the favorable temperatures and sunshine year-round, so if you find cheap flights during the off-peak months, chances are, you’ll still have good weather to enjoy. It’s also a city that caters to the bachelorette-party atmosphere. There are tons of options for nightlife for everyone’s preferences, lots of different food options, and what’s better than a beach day while on vacation? 

Here are our top tips on planning a bachelorette getaway in Miami. 

Ask the Bride

First things first, you’ve got to ask the bride what she wants. Get an idea of how she envisions her bachelorette party, and then use that information to frame how you plan. Does she want to spend all night out at the clubs? Research where your accommodation should be so you can be close to the attractions you want to go to. Make sure if there’s any “must-do’s” on her list, you prioritize those so that she isn’t disappointed. While it can be easy to run away with ideas that YOU want to do as the party-planner, remember it’s her special day so you’ve got to put yourself aside. 

Find free activities that everyone enjoys

There are actually a fair amount of free things to do in Miami. In addition to the beaches, which offer free entertainment and relaxation 24/7, there are little pockets of the city and various activities to try, that won’t make you dig out your wallet!

Explore the Wynwood art district on a bike rental, explore around the city on the Metromover, tour Little Havana to get some insight into the culture of Miami, or even get in a workout. There are lots of free fitness bootcamps and yoga classes outdoors in Miami, scattered all around the city. Get your sweat on to work off all the cocktails or use a yoga class to de-stress if the bachelorette festivities put you on edge! 

These ideas are just the beginning of amazing things you can do while exploring Miami with your bachelorette squad. 

Visit local restaurants off the beaten tourist track

It’s no secret that the brunt of your budget while on vacation gets blown on food and drinks. If you don’t do your research carefully, you’ll find that Miami is full of high-end, pricey restaurants that are going to come with quite the bill after you’ve devoured the dessert. 

Thankfully, the cultural diversity of Miami and local demand for affordable, delicious restaurants. Order drinks at the bar at Wood Tavern and you’ll be blessed with free tacos to accompany your beverages. Taco spots, Cuban fare, and other small restaurants in Miami offer an incredible culinary experience without the huge bill at the end of the meal. Research cheap eats in Miami before you go, and have a few spots in mind for when the gang gets hungry. 

Split costs with combined group activities – like a boat charter

One activity that any group visiting Miami should enjoy before the wedding is a day spent cruising on a private boat charter. You can explore gems of this coastal city like Nixon Sandbar, Flagler Memorial Island, South Beach, or stop for some food at incredible waterfront restaurants. When you split the costs of this type of luxury experience, it doesn’t hurt your piggy bank quite as much. And what better way to enjoy the heat than cruising on your own private boat party with a captain to take you around?


Even Miami has some budget-friendly boating options, some even starting as low as $50/hour. A great resource for finding and booking a boat in Miami is GetMyBoat, an app that connects renters and owners.   

Boat party on a Motor Yacht

sport motor yachtThis 45-foot motor yacht accommodates up to 10 guests and is booked as a charter with a Captain. This boat is available for a special rate of $270/hour or $1500/6 hours, and this price includes the fees for the captain, fuel, water, soda, and ice. It also includes water toys and floats, perfect for laying out on in the water when you stop at sandbars or islands. It has a Bluetooth system for music, so make the best bachelorette playlist, connect your phone, and jam out on the water. 



bayliner motor yachtFor smaller groups with boating experience, this cute little Bayliner is the perfect choice to cruise around the Miami Bay. Hop on board this powerboat with up to 5 people and spend a few hours cruising around the sights.

Admire the Miami skyline from the perspective of the water. The price of this boat rental starts at $49/hour or $299 for the day. Perfect price if your squad of girls ballin’ on a budget!  


Pontoon Party

Pontoon party boatWho doesn’t love a good pontoon ride? This budget pontoon will accommodate up to 10 ladies and cruise around for a good time. The $125/hour price point includes a captain and is perfect for a leisurely boat cruise around beloved Miami destinations like Monument Island, Picnic Island, Miami Beach, and any waterfront restaurant all the girls will want to stop at.


One thing is for sure, anyone heading to Miami for a bachelorette weekend is destined to have an unforgettable time. It’s the perfect city for these types of affairs, as it provides the party and vacation atmosphere that everyone wants to enjoy during a getaway. Having a captained charter so your bachelorette party dones’t have to worry about driving the boat is a great option, and you’ll get an insider tour of the city.

There are tons of different options in this coastal city, however, and if you want to get out on the water, there’s something for you and your “I Do” crew! 


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