The Ultimate Yacht Wedding Guide

Everything you need to know about planning your wedding on a yacht and more!


So, you have just got engaged and now are into planning your “Big Day”. You have both decided on the romantic WEDDING ON A YACHT. For us this is easy, but for you it is full of questions that need answers. That is what we are here for. Please look through our guide below and you too will be an expert on planning a yacht wedding. Between you and Boat Miami your wedding will be perfect!

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always more spectacular from the water. Nothing can give your event that absolute WOW factor, then putting your friends and family on a smart yacht, with dinner and cocktails on hand, to cruise the beautiful protected waters around these two cities.

There is a huge selection of locally based party yachts of all shapes and sizes, with both modern and classical designs to choose from and priced according to your budget.

The beauty of chartering a yacht for your S. Florida event is that we’ll handle everything for you: setting up appointments so that you can choose the perfect boat, write the contracts, make the booking, help you to choose the menus, arrange for on-board music (DJ or bands), additional entertainment if you need it, as well as optional extras to make your event absolutely perfect for any occasion.

If possible, try to book your party yacht in Miami or Fort Lauderdale 6 months to a year in advance. If you are planning your wedding around any Holiday Date, you may want to consider booking even sooner. Some of the most popular dates for weddings are May, June, and December. But other busy days to consider would be Easter, Labor Day, and Memorial Day weekend.

For most people they think the larger the yacht the better. Not always true. It is all in the layout of the yacht. Size matters but the distribution of the space matters more. It is really a good idea to work with a professional charter yacht salesperson like all of us in Boat Miami/American Yacht.

Here is what a good yacht charter professional/advisor will ask you before suggesting any yachts:

  1. How many guests are you expecting? This number can and does fluctuate and must be taken into consideration. We have to ensure that should you end up with everyone saying Yes and maybe even adding a few more, that there is enough space in the dining salon to add extra guests.
  2. Are you holding the ceremony on the yacht? We need to make sure that there is enough room to seat all your guests on ceremony chairs and that there is space for you to walk down the “aisle”
  3. You will see on many web sites the number of guests that can be accommodated is listed. However, these numbers are not always based on the comfort level of the guests but on the maximum number the Coast Guard has certified the yacht for. In some cases, this leads us to suggest a larger yacht than you might think you need but we are taking into consideration the space on all levels and how your guest flow will work.

Choosing a Yacht for Your Wedding


Consultation with Yacht Charter Agent/Wedding Specialist

The initial consultation will generally take place over the phone or via email. It is the time when the wedding specialist will ask the right questions and listen to the client to determine what type of event, she/he is looking for. A list of typical questions follows this article.

Selection of Yachts

Based on the initial phone or email “conversation” yachts will be selected by the wedding specialist that best suit the bride’s requirements. Detailed proposals will be put together and sent by email for review. These will be all inclusive proposals with no hidden fees and no unexplained charges.

Private Yacht Tours

When possible, if the bride is local, or if she is coming into town, a private tour of the suggested yachts will be arranged. The wedding specialist will accompany the bride to answer any questions that may arise.

Assessing the Yachts

Make sure that all questions are answered on each and every suggested yacht. Finding other possible yachts if needed. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of each yacht as it pertains to each bride.

Securing the Yacht of choice

Once all questions have been answered and a yacht has been selected and that yacht is available on the chosen date a contract will be prepared. Once signed by the bride and the yacht or yacht’s agent the date is secured and a deposit is made to guarantee the yacht and the date.


We often get asked why work with you the broker and not direct with the boats and we always say the same thing; we offer unbiased opinions on all boats, we can offer you more than one specific yacht, and we can handle everything directly.

After our initial conversation we can assess what you are looking for and the style you are into. We quote you on a minimum of three yachts depending on your budget and from there we help guide you to what best meets your wants and needs for your wedding. Since we can offer you a variety of styles it makes it easier for you the client to be in a one stop shop. Brokers are often more reliable and answer your questions and requests promptly to ensure you have the best experience with your wedding!

Budgeting for Your Wedding


Things you want

It may seem obvious, but it needs to be said. If there are things you want, that will make your day truly yours, then go big and make it happen! That’s the most important thing to think about when reading through this section of the article. We’re talking about the things that will always seem worth the money to you. This will be different for everyone, and that’s why the advice is sometimes hard to give; but it’s something you should think about before planning anything else.

Make a list of things you truly would love to have on your wedding day, find the average price for each, and then see what’s truly splurge-worthy. Have a dream wedding band? Then book them! Details like this will make your wedding day extra special for you and your new spouse.

Details that improve your guest’s experience

Many wedding guests attend a handful of weddings each year. The last thing you want is yours to be a dud, or unmemorable compared to others. Feel free to spend a little extra on things that will make your wedding an exciting and special event for everyone.

Here are some ideas:

  • Open bar – This is always a crowd pleaser! It allows your guests to have fun, get loose and enjoy your wedding to the fullest.
  • Yacht trip – Even if you don’t want to have your wedding on a yacht, consider renting a yacht for a trip on the sea the day after or before your wedding! An extra day of celebrating will have your guests eager for your wedding weekend to come.
  • Great food – Food will always be what keep your guest’s energy high! Have delicious food, all throughout the night to keep your people happy.

The videographer and photographer

You can always find a great photographer and videographer no matter your budget. However, it’s important to steer clear of artists that advertise themselves as ‘budget’ vendors. You will miss out on pertinent details like education, a second shooter (or drone), have exclusive rights to the photos and footage after, or they truly may not have the talent you desire. It would be tragic to not be able to relive the best day of your life because of sub-par video and photos.


Decorations and flowers

You can consider saving on decorations and floral arrangements if you have a more extravagant/expensive venue. Pricier venues tend to not need as many decorations brought in by you. However, if your venue needs some love buy decorations in bulk to save money. Your decorations only need to last for one day, so you can get away with buying cheaper items. Shop around for different florists’ prices, and without offending them, try to negotiate the price with a local florist. Local and small businesses are usually flexible with pricing and lovely to work with. You could always do DIY décor and use faux flowers.

The Champagne toast

If you are splurging on an open bar, then skip the champagne toast all together. Although champagne toasts give a classy touch to a wedding, they can be expensive, and some guests won’t even drink it! When it’s time for the toast, most of your guests will have a drink so encourage them to raise their glass to toast.

Wedding favors

It’s nice to thank your guests for celebrating your night with you, and you definitely should. However, there are plenty of ways to save on wedding favors. Head to Pinterest for DIY wedding favor ideas and then browse for the best price for all the items you need. If you do want to provide favors, go the least expensive route and use candy. You can purchase affordable small bags or boxes and place a few Hersey kisses or M&M’s. It is something small but also will not get wasted.

Wedding coordinator/planner

The yachts we work with have on board coordinators that we will communicate with and arrange your day of needs and timeline. When you book with us, we will work hand in hand with you and personally arrange all details with the crew, chef, and day of coordinator. It is not necessary to pay for a coordinator when we offer this service at no additional charge; also considering we work with these yachts on a daily basis we have a professional relationships with them which ensure we will have faster response times and first right to any extras they may include!

Guide to Wedding Attire


Every bride wants to feel like a princess on what is going to be one of the most amazing moments in their life, and for most that means a large poufy princess gown with a long veil and a ton of glamour.

A large princess gown would be appealing if your venue is in a church, however for a yacht you might want to consider something that is a little less extra and more along the lines of form fitted and elegant to better suite your yacht venue.

Two styles that we suggest looking at would be the Mermaid and A-line. Mermaid dresses are fitted on the body and flare out towards the bottom to give you a slight princess feel. On the other hand, the A-line style offers a fitted top with a slight flare straight down to offer some body to your gown. Majority of wedding gowns now have a lot of character, so you shouldn’t need a to add any extra jewelry besides a head piece or a necklace. Yacht weddings are elegant, but you should still be comfortable and confident, so whatever dress better suits you!


Yes ladies, your bridesmaids are just as important and deserve to look amazing as well! Most days brides are picking a few options for their bridesmaids to select from, this allows them to select a style they may be comfortable wearing and depending on cost they can choose how much they are comfortable spending.

Long dresses are very elegant but knee length cocktail dresses with the right style shoe can make your bridesmaids look stunning. Consider the time of year you are getting married, are you in the dead of summer, then maybe a cocktail length dress would be better suited while in the winter months a floor length dress would be more comfortable.


When it comes to the guests attire you obviously want them to be comfortable but not sweatpants comfortable. You could suggest to your guests to wear either “Semi-formal” or “Casual”. Year round in Florida you cannot go wrong with these options, just depends on the feel you are going for.

Semi-formal suggests formal darker hues for an evening, but for daytime lighter colors. Women can wear a cocktail dress or dressy skirt with a top and men should wear a suit and tie.

Casual attire suggests that anything goes besides Jeans, Shorts, and tank tops. It’s safe to say you could call it “Business casual”. Men can wear dress pants with a nice button-down shirt, Woman can wear a sundress with casual hair and makeup.

Picking the Right Wedding Cake and Menu


The styles of wedding cakes are constantly changing to match the latest trends. However, keeping it simple and sticking with a solid white cake with a slight varying pattern, and flowers provided by your florist, you can’t go wrong.

Some brides want the full extravagant wedding cakes with 5 tiers, soaked in Grand Marnier with fondant, sugar flowers, and Ombre colored. Now that is just too wild for a wedding cake that will be demolished by being cut up and it honestly does not sound appealing.

Ombre style which comes from the hair-dye fad showing shaded color gradients is still an option for some brides, but they want a more subtle difference of colors and not as mechanical as the original ombre.

Upside- down ruffles where each layer of the cake looks like a petticoat, and ‘messy buttercream’ also known as grandma style icing is common, it makes the cake look homemade.

Some brides are requesting gluten free, organic, sugar free, and vegan wedding cakes as well as shapes of hexagons, square, and octagon shaped tiers. This is your decision, but the bakers can direct you in the proper direction.

The wide variety of yachts we offer often include Wedding cakes in their packages. We can either take your cake request and work with the baker for you or you can contact them direct if you have more of a unique style.

Two fabulous bakers we recommend in the South Florida area would be Cakes by Edda Cake Design, and Ana Paz Cakes. They have many years of experience and create some jaw dropping cakes. Most yachts include a wedding cake with their wedding packages, and these are the two main bakers we suggest who know what the restrictions and flavor limits that are within the allowance of the yachts cake limits.

All in all, the wedding cake is a symbol of your union together and a new beginning. We are here to help guide you as well and you are more than welcome to provide your own cake from your preferred baker.


One of the most important points of a wedding is the food this is one of the things people will remember the most. The yachts we work with offer a variety of menus to choose from. You can either go the simple Buffet route or go with a Formal sit-down dinner. Buffet menus are often more cost effective and generally for larger weddings we suggest to go this route. With sit down dinners they can take longer and if you only have 5 hours on the yacht you do not want to spend majority of your time sitting at a table, you want to dance and enjoy the scenery.

Buffet menus generally range from $40.00 per person to $79.00 per person. Sit down menus are typically higher and range from $65.00 per person to $85.00 per person. Costs vary depending on the yacht and this is something we can discuss further upon booking. We can work directly with the chef and create custom menus as well. Depending on the items chosen would of course determine the cost. Below you can see a sample buffet and sit-down dinner menus that offer a cocktail reception with stationary hors d’oeuvres, dinner, sides, and salad.

Outside Catering

Often there are clients who request to have outside catering. This could be for several reasons and to name a few would be: Dietary restrictions, religious beliefs, preference of food, or unsure of the quality of food offered. You can have outside catering on these yachts but generally it is only allowed if you need it for religious beliefs. For example, Kosher catering, our yachts are not Kosher approved, so this would be the exception.

The chefs that work on these yachts have numerous years of experience and often come from high end restaurants around the country.

With having an outside caterer there is a fee that each yacht charges and they must be licensed and insured to even come aboard.

Kids menus

Each yacht has specific menus and pricing but majority of them can accommodate children. A children’s menu could be either half price of the standard buffet offered or a designated menu with chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese. These menus could vary from $35 to $35 per child. Children under 4 are free but those aged 5 to 12 could be on the “teen or kids” menu.

Managing Your Guests and Creating a Wedding Registry


Start by creating a A-list and a B-list

It can be hard to decide who to invite and who not to invite but you have to be realistic about your figures. To help make it easy on you create two separate lists. A-list should consist of your immediate family and close friends. Those you couldn’t imagine not having there. Your B-list should be consisted of those you still really want at your wedding but may not be able to afford the extra guests. Moving forward from this you have your numbers of your A-list so send those RSVP’s first. When you start receiving declined invitations then start sending out invites to your B-list but in order of importance. For example, your best friends’ parents who are second parents to you should get priority over your friend of a friend who you went to college with.

Cutting out plus ones

You want your guests to be happy, but it is also your wedding they are attending. You do not have to extend a plus one to everyone! You may have a close friend who has been with their significant other longer than 6 months, but do you still invite them? Well, have you personally met them? Have you spent time with them and know them? If you or your fiancé have not really met them then there shouldn’t be an extended invitation sent out. Consider only giving plus ones to those close friends who are already married, engaged, or you are confident they will last. Settle on a cut off time as far as dating so when you do send out invitations no one’s feelings will be hurt. Does that mean you should invite your maid of honors new boyfriend whom they’ve only been together for 4 months, I would say no.

Say no to children

This can be a very tough decision, and one that is not made lightly. By choosing not to have children this will help to keep your guest numbers low. Depending on your venue there may even be some limitations on children attending at all. Considering your venue is on a yacht, children under 4 are free but those who are 5 and older must be accounted for in your guest total, meaning you must pay for them. You may have a child of your own that you want there and that is okay but does not mean you have to extend the invitation to your friends and family who have children. Some people will be upset and may decline your invitation but that is their decision. This just means your list will get even smaller!

Include names on response cards

The standard RSVP cards that are sent out have a line where you write your name and accept or decline the number of seats reserved. To avoid any mishaps with guests adding additional people have their names printed on the response cards prior to sending them out. This will hopefully make it impossible for anyone to force an invite you. If you do happen to have someone not understand the concept of preprinted names, then kindly call them to explain you’ve only extended the invite to 2 of you not 5.

Know your venue limits

After creating your A-list and B-list you have a general idea of your guest numbers and with this number in mind you can get a better idea of cost for your venue. No matter your budget you need to know the maximum capacity of your venue and the cost per head. For example, you have 175 guests on your list but now you know the figures from your venue and soon realize you can only afford to have 100 to 130 guests.


Although children are permitted on the yachts it is not the crew’s responsibility to keep watch on the children. Of course, they will ensure the children are not in any danger, but it is up to you the client to have the proper childcare should you want your guests bringing children to enjoy themselves. The other option would be to opt for a child free wedding.


Room blocks are often a wedding standard when you have out of town guests traveling or it is a destination wedding. We typically can have the yachts docked outside of hotels but it all depends on availability. Not all of these yachts are located in the same Marina, they are located in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. For example, there are a few that are located in Miami near Bayside Marketplace. If you have never been to Miami this is a great place to look into blocking hotel rooms off for your guests. Or if you are in Hollywood the Diplomat Beach Resort and even the Margaritaville hotel is an amazing option.

Depending of the time of year your wedding is it would be ideal to book a room block at least 6 months to a year in advance. If you are getting married in March or April, make yourself aware of when spring break will be for schools as generally hotels in South Florida are either booked or their prices increase!

You can usually make an inquiry online through the hotel, but it may be easier to speak with someone on the phone, so they can better assist you. When you do find your preferred hotel, you want to use make sure you cover the basics first before signing the contract. Here are a few questions you should keep in mind when arranging your hotel block.

  1. Is there a minimum number of rooms required?
  2. What is the cutoff date to book a room?
  3. How many days before and after the day of the wedding can the discount be honored?
  4. Will the rooms be on the same floor or next to each other?
  5. Will the guests have an online code or need to call and reserve a room?
  6. Is there a deposit required?
  7. What is the penalty if you cancel your room block?
  8. Can you add more rooms if you need more than your original block?
  9. What amenities are included?

These are just a few basic questions you should consider asking your hotel you are interested in.



It’s no secret that this retail giant has become hugely popular, and if you are one of the many fans of their “designer goods for less” credo, you should certainly stop by Target to register. You’ll also get a 15% completion discount to use in store and online for those last few gifts on your list. Target also offers a “group gifting” feature that allows a group of people to go all-in on a bigger gift for the couple.

William Sonoma

For devoted foodies and big entertainers, Williams-Sonoma should be an obvious registry pick. With tons of professional-grade cookware, beautiful home accents, and entertaining essentials, you can pick out nearly everything you’ll need. You’ll get bonus gifts when guests purchase certain products off your registry, a post-wedding discount of 10% off purchases for six months following your wedding, and private appointments with a registry specialist to select products or learn how to use the ones you already received.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond

When it comes to one-stop shopping convenience, few retailers can beat Bed, Bath & Beyond. It’s the perfect place to scan all of your essentials, like housewares, linens, and appliances. And since they offer tons of different brands, you can select must-haves at a range of different price points. Plus, with free announcement cards to tell friends and family where you’ve registered, expert consultants to help you decide which items to pick, and a completion program that lets you purchase your remaining gifts at a discounted price after the big day, this retailer is a registry no-brainer.


With a huge selection of brands, products, and styles, you’ll be able to cross nearly everything off your list here. And with locations on both the east and west coast, your friends and family can shop in store with ease. You’ll also receive Star Rewards accumulated based on the gifts purchased through your registry. When your guests go shopping, they’ll also receive 10%t off the purchase, as well as five percent back for themselves! And, post-wedding, Macy’s offers a 20% completion discount.


Move your wedding registry into the digital age with Amazon! Let’s say you’re seriously coveting just a few items from a retailer, but it doesn’t make sense to create an entire registry there. With Amazon’s universal registry, you can add items to your list that weren’t found on their site. But we have a feeling you’ll be able to curate a great selection of goods without ever navigating off their site.


Whether you’re setting up your home for the first time or revamping the home you’ve already started together; IKEA has everything you’d ever want for the home at competitive prices. While IKEA might be associated with college living, there are plenty of more sophisticated options, as well. From cooking essentials to bed and bath basics, organizational necessities to finishing touches, you’ll love registering at IKEA. IKEA has a wedding registry app you can use straight from your phone, plus a wedding registry inspiration guide to get you on the right path!


On top of their large selection of name brand kitchenware, furniture, and home décor, Wayfair offers curated collections that make it easy for brides to sort through all the products to pick and choose what suits their style. Wayfair is also one of the wedding registries that offers group gifting. Wayfair offers a 10% completion discount after the “I do’s” are done.

Neiman Marcus

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line dinnerware, fine linens, and beautiful table accessories, head to Neiman Marcus wedding registry department. This registry is best suited for couples near a store, though, as not all online selections will be available to add to your list. Neiman Marcus offers free gift packaging, free shipping and free returns on all purchases, as well as an online thank you note manager and a 10% completion discount. In addition, when you register with Neiman Marcus you can arrange for the Neiman Marcus restaurant to cater your wedding events at 10% off.

The Container Store

Combining two separate lives into one is both exciting and scary. That’s where a registry with The Container Store comes into play. Their product solution and expert advice make creating one cohesive and happy household a breeze. And with group gifting and 10% off to help you complete your registry, there’s no limit on how organized you can make your first home. When guests spend $75 or more, their able to score free shipping and free gift wrapping!

Honeymoon fund

Founded by a couple looking for help making their dream honeymoon a reality, Honeyfund is the perfect way for guests to donate to your post-wedding vacation. Guests can donate to your total travel costs or for individual experiences, like dinners out or massages. There are many sites out there that are devoted to creating honeymoon funds, including: Wanderable, Honeymoon Wishes, Traveler’s Joy and more.

1-Year and Day-of-Wedding Timeline


Preparing for a wedding can be very stressful. But starting them way in advance can ease the stress and allow you to enjoy the process. Below is a sample 1-Year for preparing your dream yacht wedding that can help you get started.


It is finally the big day! The moment you and your soon to be Husband or Wife have been waiting for! The weddings on our yachts are usually about 5 hours including the ceremony. Below we have put together a sample timeline for what you can expect on your day of. Timelines can be adjusted according to your preferences, but this is a good start!

Picking Your Officiant and Vendors


The Yachts we work with have wedding packages that often include use of a wedding officiant. They are certified and ordained in the State of Florida so yes it would be a legal wedding. However, you can provide your own officiant especially if you have specific religious preferences.


Although we are a one stop shop there are still a few vendors that need to be booked that are not typically included in your proposal. We can work with these vendors directly for you, so you do not have to lift a finger. However, if you are more of the hands-on bride, we can give you our suggestions and you can pick your own based on your preferences.

DJ & Live bands

All yachts have their own preferred DJ companies, this does not mean you cannot provide your own. However, when providing your own there is an outside vendor fee that varies depending on the yacht and they must have liability insurance.

The DJ’s that are used on these yachts are very highly recommended and you have the capability to speak with them to give them a list of songs you want to hear.

Live bands can be an option but as having outside DJ’s there is an outside vendor fee as well. You let us know what type of band you are interested in and we will handle everything for you!


Most yachts have standard centerpieces available to be used but if you do not want to use the basic ones available, we have suggested florists you can work with. You can either work with them directly or we can coordinate it all for you. You may need a florist regardless if you want to have flowers for your wedding arch, cake flowers, or random décor and especially if you do not want to handle your own décor.


This is a vendor we do not like to handle only because a photographer is based on your own preference. Choosing a photographer is also a fun experience, now if you do need some guidance, we do have a few we can suggest to you that have done previous work on these yachts. If you want us to coordinate timing with them, we can speak with them and arrange this if you are not comfortable doing so. Videographers are also common for weddings now; most photographers have in house videographers you can use. Cost is determined on how many hours you need them for, this is something we can also coordinate directly with them if you do not want to handle this.

Planning Décor and Party Rentals


While most of the standard items are included on the yacht Décor is not usually one of them. Most yachts do have standard centerpieces they include but as far as the little customized decorations these are not included. The yachts are all modernized so when you do a site visit you may decide you do not need to many decorations. We have created a checklist for miscellaneous ceremony and reception décor you may want to add on.

Ceremony Décor

Dinner Table Décor

Reception Décor


We try to stay away from party rentals as much as possible unless it is for rented linen colors. All yachts come with standard items that are included so you do not need to worry about supplying the basics; Chairs, tables, linens, napkins, silverware, glasses, etc.

There have been times where a bride wants to have different chairs for the reception or rented linens and we have made this happen. We only use a few trusted party rental vendors who we can arrange these details with and have them deliver these items directly to the yacht!

Marriage License and Name Change Checklist


To make your wedding official you must have a marriage license that is signed by a witness and notarized. Couples wishing to be married in the state of Florida must obtain a license. Those visiting from out of state and getting married here can get a license the same day of the wedding. If you are a Florida resident there is a 3-day waiting period unless you have taken premarital counseling. Once you have the license you have up to 60 days to get married. A marriage license can be obtained from any count in Florida and may be used to be married in any county within Florida.


After getting married one of the first things that should be done after your honeymoon should be changing your last name. The moment you have been waiting for since you got engaged! We have listed a few key must do’s that require immediate name change.

You may find a few more items that need to be changed but these should be at the top of your list!

Same Sex Weddings


We at Boat Miami are so proud to offer Same Sex Weddings. There is nothing different about planning a same sex wedding other than you have two brides or two grooms. We make it easy on you by helping you choose the best yacht for your wedding day. We love weddings and will customize and adapt to meet the needs of our clients.

Not too long ago a same-sex wedding was in a niche market but now we are ecstatic to be able to accommodate all LGBT wedding requests. Recently many gay and lesbian couples have realized that what they want in a wedding matches what heterosexual couples might want- a beautiful venue, nice flowers, tasteful food, and wanting their families involved.

Same-sex couples don’t want to seek someone out who just serves gay clients, most often these planners haven’t planned many gay weddings and they do not know how to really react.

We want to help you create the wedding of your dreams on the water!

Now most wedding websites offer products and services including gay and straight couples and this is especially true on the boats. A boat or a yacht wedding is perfect for same sex couples and has been the “norm” for quite some time.

Yacht Wedding FAQs

With every wedding venue there are always Frequently asked questions we get. Now some of these have been covered already in this guide but we have provided a list of the most frequently asked questions we get on a daily basis.

Our choice of yachts are all Coast Guard Certified and are “purpose built” to be stable for events. These yachts only cruise on the protected waters of The Intra Coastal and Biscayne Bay. The water is shallow and protected all the time.

Yes, the boats are child friendly, but the crew are not baby sitters. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child is supervised. On all the yachts we can hire a babysitter or add an extra crew member to leave the parents free to enjoy the event for additional costs.

The average charter length is 4 hours with 3 hours being the minimum. In all cases we can add extra time by the hour if requested. For example, we have found that 5 hours is the better choice for a wedding with ceremony while corporate events can be done easily in 3 – 4 hours.

Amount of time will be determined on the day of the event but there is always enough time allocated. Generally, for weddings we can arrange up to 2 hours if need be.

Each of the yachts that we work with have a qualified Chef on board and all foods with the exception of breads and pastries are cooked on board. All the yachts we use have a first-class galleys (kitchen).

All the yachts that we suggest have a qualified Chef and do not encourage outside catering unless there is a religious reason and the Chef cannot comply. In all cases where it is allowed there is a fee added to cover loss of food revenue. But it is possible.

Yes, these vendors can be used. Each yacht requires an outside vendor fee for use of your own Entertainment. In all cases the vendor must carry Liability Insurance.

We will only suggest yachts that have enough seating in the dining salon for all guests. In the event that you are having a more casual event we will suggest yachts with enough decks and outdoor space for your size of group.

Some yachts do have an elevator between decks that can be used for handicapped guests and elderly guests. In some cases, the crew can assist in getting handicapped guests on and off boats. Each situation will be analyzed for the correct procedure and to determine if this will work.

This situation depends on the reason. If there is an emergency of any kind the yacht can be boarded by medical personnel brought out and guests can be removed if needed. If it is just a case of someone wanting to leave because they “have had enough” then that is not possible. Once the boat leaves the dock your guests remain onboard until the boat returns to the dock.

All yachts operate in rain. All the yachts we suggest for your event will have ample space inside if the weather does not cooperate. Rain will not stop a charter unless however there is a named storm.

Very unlikely to happen as all the yachts we suggest are maintained regularly and undergo Coast Guard certification ever year. But to be sure all yachts cruise with an Engineer onboard.

Yes. All pricing is the same except there is no ceremony set up fee.

Rehearsals can be arranged at the discretion of each yacht and will depend on each yacht’s schedule. However, as yacht weddings are so well coordinated a rehearsal may not be needed as there is a coordinator with you the day of.

On most yachts there is an onboard coordinator who comes with the package at no extra fee. This can save a lot of money, as yacht weddings are so well organized an outside coordinator is definitely not needed. Save your money on this!

In all estimates we give on any of the yachts, the Champagne Toast is included and, in many cases, there is no fee for this when you are adding a full bar.

There are many hotels close to all the yacht locations. We will be happy to recommend any to you and help you with block bookings if needed.

No it is not required but is a “nice to have” as a guest manifest for the crew. As guests board they will be counted so that crew can log the actual number of adults and children onboard, counting the guests as they board is a Coast Guard requirement to ensure we are not over the maximum capacity.

Yes and a table can be set up for this on all yachts

We will give you the address of the dock where your yacht will be waiting.

Yes, all yachts can offer a sit-down option

Yes, most menus have vegan options, but full vegetarian meal requests can be accommodated.

Each yacht has different regulations but, on all yachts, there can be no open flames; nothing can be glued to the walls or ceilings and nothing can be used that will permanently mark the yacht. Once you have chosen your yacht we can discuss decorations but as the yachts are so nicely decorated, unlike a wedding hall, you will need minimum decorations.

Each yacht comes with standard linens and napkins in either white or cream and any other colors can be rented. The yachts do not come with chair covers but these can be rented.

On most of the yachts it is either 25% or 50% of the grand total on your estimate. These are non-refundable.

Each yacht has different requirements and this something that will be noted on the contract, generally about 15 to 30 days before your charter date.

You do not, we usually communicate by email, we will send you the contract and this can be returned signed and with a deposit to confirm your date.

No but we do have suggested photographers we can send to you

Generally the flowers are at the client’s discretion and are done by a local florist. There are exceptions where we can have the yacht add center pieces to the invoice but that is not typical.

Yes. Most yachts include an officiant, but you are more than welcome to provide your own

As long or as short as you want it to be, this is up to you.

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