Boat Wedding Dresses

Boat wedding dresses are one of the most important choices you can make for your wedding on a boat. Anywhere in the world.

As you are preparing everything for your wedding, a bride might consider the dress she wears on her big day the most important part of the wedding (not to mention hair and makeup). There are so many choices to choose from when considering a wedding dress and it all comes down to length, the type of neckline, is it form fitting, ball gown, mermaid, lace, silk, etc.. So much to consider, huh?

Well think of your venue, you have just decided to rent a beautiful yacht on the Miami waters so take into consideration your surroundings. Listed below, I have some ideas that should be brought into consideration when choosing an appropriate wedding dress for a boat wedding.

What style?

Every bride wants to feel like a princess on what is going to be one of the most amazing moments in their life, and for most that means a big poufy gown with a long veil.

To some that is appealing if your venue is in a church, however for a boat you might want to consider something that is along the lines of being form fitted and elegant to fit the theme of your wedding.

Your theme would most likely be nautical, considering you are going to be on a boat. So having a dress that is form fitted you will not have to worry about blowing way with the wind, and you can concentrate on your groom.

The mermaid style or sheath style are two considerable options:
First Option- the mermaid style is fitted and towards the bottom it flares out just enough to give the dress character, which you know you are the one who wants to stand out.
The second option- is the sheath style these dresses do not have the character at the bottom of the gown but they do have character at the top.

The sheath style can also be a calf length dress as mentioned before and you might be thinking but something short I will be just concentrating on holding down my dress, however you can add little weights in the hem of your dress that will not have your dress rising up on you. (Any seamstress will know about these).

Length of Dress

We all know that there are several types of gowns to choose from and it can be very over whelming, sometimes even exhausting choosing what you feel is appropriate and what looks good.

Well thinking of a boat wedding I think of two different styles one being the tea length style, which fall at the calf, elegant, preppy, and you can show off those beautiful shoes you bought just for your big day.

However if you are not comfortable in a calf length dress option number two would be floor length, it is traditional to have a floor length gown on your wedding day, and if your do not feel like wearing heels you can wear a cute pair of flats and no one would even know.

Wedding Ceremony


Yes ladies, your bride’s maids are just as important and deserve to look amazing but not better looking than you of course. Take into consideration of comfort for them but this is your choice on what you think looks best and suites your style, and theme of wedding.

A wedding on a boat your theme could be nautical, so thinking nautical I am thinking of the color blue. Yes blue. But instead of being traditional and have the same color for all your brides’ maids go with different hues of blue, light to dark.

And what about length? Well, go with short for your entourage, right above the knee so the dresses are still elegant but preppy to suit your style.

You have the option to choose loose dresses that flow and are not so form fitted as yours might be and you can stand out but they can still look beautiful as well.

Flower Girl or Girls or Ring Bearer

If you have any nieces or cousins that are young enough to be a flower girl for you, you want them to look beautiful as well. And of course if you have a ring bearer, you want him to look cute as a button too.

Continue with the nautical theme maybe have them wear a blue and white dress to incorporate some colors of the bridesmaid dresses or one even color of blue that your brides maids won’t be wearing. Your little ring bearer can wear white with no problem.

Well deciding on a dress for your wedding can be tricky because it is not a guarantee you find what you are looking for the first time around. Take into consideration when having your wedding on a boat, you have your theme, your color scheme, and an idea of what style will suit your wedding on a boat.

Length and style and lace oh my! It can be difficult to choose what is best for you but hopefully some of these tips I added here will help you with the decision.

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