The Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very important milestone in your child’s life so why not celebrate the event in style on a yacht, cruising the wonderful waters of Biscayne Bay or the Intracoastal Waterway. Miami has the most spectacular views and you are cruising on calm and sheltered waters, passing such landmarks as the famous Vizcaya and out under the Rickenbacker bridge towards the house that Nixon used to live in.

Grand Floridian side view at Diplomat Dock

There are many different styles of yachts to consider in the party boat and the party catamaran selections. We even have a mega yacht to offer with many, many options. We can accommodate groups up to 600+ in comfort and style. These yachts can board and depart from many locations between West Palm Beach and Miami with some of the most popular locations being Bayfront Miami and Hollywood. Our sales staff in Boat Miami will work with you and guide you into the best suited boat for your celebration based on the style of your party and the number of guests. We will ensure that your adult guests have as great an event as your teenage guests where the food and drink is concerned. For us it is like planning a wedding where all details have to come together to make the perfect event.

Fresh fruit display for hors d’oeuvres

We can provide Kosher catering if required or you may use your own Kosher catering company. As you can imagine the cost may be a little higher with Kosher catering either from the yacht’s choice or your own caterer, but this can all be negotiated to meet your specific requirements. Boat Miami and the yacht coordinator on your chosen yacht, will work very closely with you on all the details and especially making sure the food is perfect. Food at such an event, as we all know is very important.

Party Yacht MIDNIGHT SUN in Miami

Here is a list of some of the most important questions and answers that we get on hosting a Bar Mitzvah party:

Can we provide our own catering?

Yes, with a licensed Kosher catering company. This will, in all cases, incur a fee from the yacht to cover loss of revenue. It is unavoidable but part of the cost of a Bar Mitzvah.

Can we have a theme?

Yes, on any boat or yacht that you choose. We can suggest decorators for you or you may hire your own or do it yourselves. The only restrictions will be that nothing is permanent and no open flames.

Do we pay the same price for kids and adults?

Yes, if all guests are eating from the same buffet.
You can also have a kid friendly buffet for the teenagers and an adult buffet for the parents. The kids buffet will be less expensive. And you can also have a teenage style buffet for all guests if you want to keep the cost of the food to a minimum.

In all cases your teenage guests will only be billed for non alcoholic drinks. You can choose to have this option for all guests or have a full bar service. This is optional and you decide.

Can we provide our own entertainment?

Yes, in all cases. Any outside vendors such as DJ’s or live bands need to carry Liability Insurance.

What if only a few guests need Kosher food?

In this case you can either bring in Kosher pre packed food for these few guests or the yacht can provide pre packed Kosher food for you. This is only an option if you have just a few who require Kosher with the majority eating from the regular menus.
Many Bar Mitzvah guests have also opted for Kosher Light menus. Again this can be discussed in full with your sales person. At Boat Miami we aim to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Can we bring our own Kosher wines?

This will depend on the yacht you choose and also what type of bar you are purchasing. In all cases if you are buying a full bar and want to have special wines for a toast, we can make this happen for you.

Will the dance floor accommodate a Circle Dance?

Before you book your boat/yacht for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah we will try to ensure that you have chosen a venue that can accommodate your guests on one space for this type of dance or ritual. Many of the boats that we recommend will be able to offer this space on and around the dance floor.

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration is a generally a very lavish affair on the same scale as any other major event like a Wedding and we will always strive to make sure that the boat you choose has the space you will need.

Can we do a Candle Lighting?

This will depend on the boat you choose and what their overall policy is on open flames. As this generally means place a lit candle on a cake I think in most cases we can arrange this.  I do have to stress that this is really down to each individual yacht owner but we will certainly do our best to have this included if it is an important part for your celebration.

This event should be fun and exciting and full of fabulous food and music. It is also a great time to dress in your finest clothes. Many have asked us about what to wear for a Yacht Bar Mitzvah?

The answer is whatever you might wear to a land based event. All the yachts that we recommend have non slip floors and where there is carpet, non skid carpet, so that ladies and teenage girls are perfectly safe in heels. All types of party clothes and evening wear is acceptable. It is your choice. I would only caution you to remember to make sure you can go up and down stairs comfortably in your clothes and your shoes.

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