Yacht Management Program

Our experience, knowledge and resources allow us to manage your vessel—the right way.

Full yacht management and charter marketing services available for your vessel. Get piece of mind having your cherished yacht in our loving hands. We have owned and managed yachts for over 30 years and treat each one like our own.

Full service (AMS) in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Bahamas and the Keys. We are also accepting applications for the USVI, the BVI and Puerto Rico. Our experience, knowledge and resources can help you set realistic financial expectations.

If you own a yacht, either sailing or motor, and would like to place this vessel in charter, talk to us for great deals and great coverage. We have been in all facets of the charter business and have access to a worldwide charter and sales network of end users and brokers.

Give us the opportunity to inspect your yacht to see if your vessel qualifies for our central agency program.

We do not accept all yachts. When you subscribe to AMS we will ask you to fill out detailed information sheets and we will work with that information. Any time there is a change; Insurance carrier, crew changes, new toys, additions to the yacht and calendar updates just let us know. We will update the information as you give it to us.

Fullly Managed Yacht Services Include

A free inspection of your yacht

Recommendations to make it “charter-ready”

Listing in the Central Yacht Agent and/or Charter Index databases

Listing and brochure on our website(s) and aggressive marketing

Charter Calendar and bookings management

Fast collection and disbursement of funds from domestic or foreign sources

Extremely Competitive rates

Additional services available separately:

Captain Licensing Requirements

Masters, Captains or “skippers” engaged in the transportation of paying passengers on charter vessels in near coastal waters are required to have at minimum a USCG 100-ton masters license for near coastal waters, an STCW certification and a TWIC card. 


RYA Yacht Master certification for foreign flagged vessels is also acceptable. Copies of these certifications must be submitted to AMS together with the vessel registration and every time there is a crew change.

Basic Calendar and Booking Management General Information

Owner/Captain Bookings and Holds – AMS is in control of the yacht calendar. You, as the owner must place hold dates for haul out, self-booking, owner time, travel time, yacht show, maintenance, crew vacation on either a hold or block. If an inquiry from a broker comes in for a date that is on hold by you, we will email you and you can decide if you wish to release the time. If you place a Block on the time, you will not be contacted regarding an inquiry. Please supply the dates of either the hold or the block and the reason for the hold or block along with beginning and ending ports.

If a broker already has a hold on the dates that you or the crew are wishing to block/hold, you must allow the broker a reasonable amount of time to book those dates since the broker has already offered your yacht in good faith. Four working days is normally enough.

If you do not block or place holds on dates which you do not wish to charter, these days will show open on your calendar and will be offered to brokers. AMS will check with you for last minute bookings.  If AMS, in good faith, books a charter for dates showing open on your calendar you are expected to fulfill the charter. If you cannot fulfill the charter you are expected to pay the broker’s commission since it is already an earned fee.

Since most bookings come from brokers, they are your partners and stakeholders in the business, you are strongly encouraged to work with them as much as possible.

About Our Yacht Management Program

When you contact us about managing your charter yacht, you will be talking to experienced yacht management professionals that specialize in managing and marketing a carefully selected fleet of the finest charter yachts and crews in the marketplace.

Our charter management and marketing team is respected throughout the industry for their effective management plans and established marketing programs. Their reputation for individual attention to every yacht in the American Yacht fleet is evident in their unparalleled record of success. 

Every yacht that we represent meets the stringent criteria required by their clients. Your AMS charter experience begins with an email now .

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