Why I Chose a Yacht for My Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding can be stressful I mean, I work in the industry and it is still hard work. After being with my boyfriend for almost 6 years he finally proposed on February 5th, 2018.

But then came the pressure on finding the perfect wedding venue and let me tell you the struggle is real!

Ever since I was a little girl I was always consumed by the life of the yachting world; my grandparents owned a few boats and so naturally I was involved. From sailing in the British Virgin Islands to just spending the night in a marina in Miami I was always around the water and boats. Then as an adult I joined the family business of being a yacht broker for worldwide charters and events.

So, you would think it would have been expected of me to choose a yacht wedding first but, I did not. Like all the brides out there, you must look at your other options just in case and so my Fiancé and I did.

When I say we looked at all of our options believe me, since I live in Florida, we looked as far as Panama Beach all way to the Florida Keys and not one place was honestly what we were looking for.

Most of the hotels in Florida are cookie cutter and only provide the basic necessities of a wedding all while charging you an arm and a leg and for what? One hotel we fell in love with until we received an invoice and realized it was double our budget. It can be very defeating especially when you do fall in love with a venue and realize you can not afford it.

After months of being unsuccessful in finding a venue, we revisited the wedding on a yacht idea. I made an appointment just like I would for my clients to show the yacht to my Fiancé and future in laws. As soon as we walked on the boat they were sold! One of the main wow factors we were looking into for our wedding was having an outdoor ceremony. The other venues we were looking into have that option, but they are completely open and vulnerable to the Florida sun.

Thankfully, with these yachts majority of the top decks are covered while still being outside. So, we get the best of both worlds an outdoor ceremony with an indoor reception! Not only does it tie into my lifestyle, but this will also be a great way to show the family I am marrying into what I love.

A vast majority of our guests are traveling from out of state and even from other countries. Because we are having our wedding on a private yacht we are not only giving us a memorable wedding, but our friends and family as well.

This is an opportunity to give our guests an experience of a lifetime with music, food, and booze while cruising around and enjoying a 360-degree view of South Florida on a private yacht!

Once the venue is booked is when you can really focus now on the little details like what color scheme you want, your flowers, and other décor items. Luckily these yachts all include an in-house coordinator for your wedding to assist with these details. A majority of the other venues we were considering did not include a coordinator to assist you, meaning we would have to pay additional money for an outsider who does not know the venue.

With the coordinators for these yachts you work with them closely to show them what your vision is for your wedding and they do the rest. You are always in contact with them by email or phone and they will continuously go back and forth with you all the way till your wedding is over. This is what they do for a living, so you can 100% trust their opinions and ideas. You can also view the ultimate guide to planning your wedding on a yacht for a checklist of all the planning that needs to be completed.

Another main detail that is important to my Fiancé and I would be the food. We were lucky enough to sample the food at a few venue options, but they were mediocre or just out right disgusting. Most venues or chefs won’t let you customize your menu options or swap items out, you have to choose the menu as a whole.

On the yachts we have the option to personally speak with the chef and we can even customize a whole menu just for you.

The chefs that work on these yachts have previously worked in renowned top-notch Miami restaurants and I have personally tried the food on each yacht. Because I work in the industry it is good for me to know what I am selling on these charters. I am confident that the food we will be selecting for our wedding won’t disappoint.

These yachts have everything we need in one location, a one stop shop. There are only two main items that need to be booked by us personally and those are the photographer and the florist. Thankfully we have been provided a outside vendor list to choose from to help us decide.

The vendor lists are companies who have previously worked on these party yachts and have created a professional relationship with the yacht owners. It includes: DJ’s, photographers, florists, bakeries, videographers, photobooths, you name it we have been given the suggestions!

There are other websites of which you can do research and look through portfolios of previous work, but since these companies have worked on the boats prior so they know exactly what is needed and how they can assist you better.

To recap on why I chose a yacht wedding: it is elegant, unique, affordable, and a one stop shop for planning.

I can’t believe we ever second guessed ourselves and looked elsewhere when this is the perfect venue option. I am excited to show you my personal wedding pictures when my big day comes!

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