Extravagant Cakes for a Yacht Wedding

A few years ago when someone would mention “what type of cake are you having?” there would not be an answer. Typically everyone would have a plain cake that doesn’t taste all that great, but then have an excellent tasting dessert table. The recession had forced many couples to down size their weddings, and so couples were hesitant to flaunt big weddings and show off cakes, that was when the cupcake frenzy occurred. Well today, most brides are now customizing cakes and it looks so much better than not having a cake and just a dessert table.

Mr. Ron Ben-Israel from Cakes in Manhattan has just recently created a cake for 550 people standing at 5 feet tall, and sent it to Palm Beach Florida in a refrigerated truck. He says “There is a return to big, Being generous and inviting a lot of people”, he says he does not want to disclose the price of the Palm Beach cake however his minimum orders start at $500 and his sculptured cakes start from $1,500. He had once created a wedding cake for 800 people that was priced at $30,000!

In Miami Beach when you go out for a cocktail, it can cost up to $30 so when it comes to pricing for a wedding cake is $20 per person really that big of an expense? The average number of guests at weddings now is at 84 people, compared to 126 in 2008, and when on a boat the numbers are between 50- 100 guests.

We expect to see the number of weddings to increase due to soldiers coming back and some states allowing same sex marriage. American’s have about 2 million weddings a year and about 90% of those weddings will offer cake. A yearly expenditure of weddings costs about 2 billion dollars, so yes cakes are still vibrant and available.

As I said before, a few years ago it would just be that you get a wedding cake, now the question is what cake are you wearing? By that question, guests really want to know how big your cake is, what it looks like and how it tastes, because you never know one of your guests could want to compete with you and have a better cake. Wedding cakes are not just part of the fashion statement though, they have more meaning behind them. The cake symbolizes your union together and the future you have with one another, the cake can be made to resemble your color scheme or embody everything that is happening and everything that you aspire too.

A big hit for wedding cakes are textured cakes, in other words brides are now having more details on their dresses and they want the cake to look like their dress. Some brides love lace dresses or extreme bling so they want the wedding cake to look as if it was their dress.

The style for cakes used to be the ombre cake which came from the hair-dye fad showing shaded color gradients, this is still an option for some brides but they want a more subtle difference of colors and not as mechanical as the original ombre. Upside- down ruffles where each layer of the cake looks like a petticoat, and ‘messy buttercream’ also known as grandma style icing is common, it makes the cake look homemade. Translation of traditional would now be pretty. Brides are wanting small piped polka dots, chevron stripes, zigzags, typography configurations, gold leafs, and metallic or glitter elements.

More couples are actually researching the newest color of the year to decide what color they want to add in their wedding cake. Well this year the color is Radiant Orchid No. 18-3224 from Pantone color of the year. Since that color is all the rage this year, couples are wanting flowers and embellishments in lavender-ish colors. I mean why not be on the band wagon and have the color of the year involved in your wedding.

Some brides are requesting gluten free, organic, sugar free, and vegan wedding cakes as well as shapes of hexagons, square, and octagon shaped tiers.
It has been said that up in Manhattan, New York brides have been requesting to have their cakes without exterior frosting, it is actually getting to be popular. I mean if you are having a Dulce de Leche, or Strawberry-lemon, or even a Chocolate malt cake, why would you want to cover that beauty up!

A company by the name of Ladurée in New York, says that macaroons are the new cupcakes. Cupcakes were huge and brides would want their cakes made out of cupcakes. I mean it is a good idea all you would have to do is pull your cake apart, no need to dirty any knives. L’adurée has recently sold a pyramid of 370 macaroons, shaped in a heart, and gold-or-silver-leafed. Some of the towers are as tall as 40 inches and cost $1,270.

Today couples want their wedding cakes to be just as spectacular as the food they are serving, some want cakes to resemble a sculpture of an item they share together. For example: their dog or even of them, if you are having a wedding and you are spending money on a wedding cake, why not make it so your guests remember your cake.

Some brides and grooms do not want a wedding cake and it is usually in the younger generation or older brides who are dieting. Well if you want something that does not have calories you don’t eat cake, but it doesn’t mean your guests can’t eat cake. It’s a wedding and it’s a treat to celebrate a new beginning, and yes they can be expensive but most of the time the brides tell the husbands it wasn’t expensive and tell her friends that it was.

Boat Miami offers different boats for you to have your wedding on, with each boat there are different packages offered and one of those is the option of having your wedding cake included with the boat.

It is your choice if you would like to choose from the beautiful cakes offered on our boats or by catering your own extravagant wedding cake. Two fabulous bakers we recommend in the South Florida area would be Cakes by Edda Cake Design, and Ana Paz Cakes. They have many years of experience and do wonderful work.

All in all the wedding cake is a symbol of your union together, a new beginning, and how serious the couple takes the ceremony. For our culture a wedding cake is possibly the ultimate sacrament of a wedding.

Whether you want your wedding on or off the boat we can help you by giving you some great destination wedding locations in the Miami and Ft Lauderdale area. We will give you reasonable prices for the yachts offered and hope to make your experience stress free. Boat Miami has been in the business for quite some time now and we have all the answers you need to plan your wedding. Call Us at 305.758.2500 for Free Quote.

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