If you are vacationing in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale areas or simply taking a few extra days between flights, take one of our exquisitely romantic sailing trips in Miami and cruise around our beautiful surroundings.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always better from the water. We offer full day or half day motor or sailing cruises, on Biscayne Bay that will simply blow your mind. See one of our recently constructed romantic cruising vessels here. Picture this, leave the dock at 6 pm and cruise gently Southwards down the coast of Key Biscayne, visit the wonderful and historic village of Stiltsville, have a remarkable gourmet dinner with your guest on board, cruise across the bay to Dinner Key and then North again and back across the bay to your home dock. Total about 4 hours, cost? Priceless.

Coast of Miami, Florida

Lighthouse in Coast of Miami, Florida

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